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Biblical Stories3 Important Lessons of Parables of Jesus Christ

3 Important Lessons of Parables of Jesus Christ

Parables of Jesus Christ

The word “parable” comes from the Latin for “comparison” and is a story that usually includes an analogy, moral lesson, or religious or spiritual message.

Jesus Christ was a master of using parables to convey his teachings in ways that people could easily understand. It has been said that he used these stories to teach lessons such as God’s love and forgiveness, how we should treat others with compassion and respect, and the importance of faith in God. Jesus also often used parables to illustrate truths about life on earth: showing how greed can lead to poverty; explaining why it is better not to worry about what you will eat tomorrow; warning us against judging others when we don’t know their circumstances; illustrating the danger of being too prideful or confident that we are without sin, and showing how God’s kingdom is available to anyone who asks.

The Parables of Jesus Christ

The Good Samaritan

A man was robbed, beaten, and left on the side of the road. A priest happened to be walking by but didn’t help. Then a Levite (also someone who should have known better) came to view the injured man but he also went on his way. Finally, someone from another country stopped and helped the poor victim-it was a Samaritan, which people looked down upon as dirty foreigners because they had different religious beliefs than many Jews did during biblical times (Jews were supposed to only deal with other Jews). The Samaritan cleaned up the man’s wounds, put him on a donkey, and walked with him to the nearest inn. Later that night, the Samaritans took care of all his needs. When he was better, he rewarded them for their kindness by paying them back.

The Sower and the Seed

Once upon a time, there was an old man who told his grandchildren about a farmer who sowed seeds in his field. The first seed fell onto the path so it got stamped down into rock by passersby and never grew. Another seed landed among sticks and stones but soon dried up because it didn’t have any soil to grow in. A third seed went into good soil where it grew tall and strong until harvest time when God reaped it-sending some people away to eternal life and others to eternal punishment.

The Ten Virgins

A young girl told her friends that she had waited years for her groom to return from the war so they could finally be married. All of them, except one, became impatient with waiting so they decided to go out into the city to have fun. As it got later, the bride-to-be offered everyone some oil which they rubbed on their faces as a kind of moisturizer or perfume because they were all dressed up for the party. When she went out into the dark hallway since it was very late at night, she found that her friends had all fallen asleep-but then she heard something outside! She woke up five of them but while they were trying to get oil, her husband arrived. Everyone else woke up and saw the bridegroom with his friends so they went into the wedding feast but the five girls who were almost late missed out on going in.

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I hope this post will allow you to appreciate the Parables of Jesus Christ and his teachings in a deeper, more meaningful way. Thank you for reading!


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